The K2 After School Program provides Ottawa area families with a complete after school care service in conjunction with the award winning K2 children martial arts and personal development program. We provide a fun, exciting and safe environment for your child to get the maximum value out of the hours immediately after school.

The program includes Free pick up on PD days and early dismissal care, as well as Free winter and spring break full day camps.



Exciting, Fun, Activities Everyday

On arrival at the Academy your child will participate in fun, organized games and skill building activities and get some snack time.


Supervised Homework Time

We have monitored homework time and most days get it all done before you pick them up to go home!


Confidence Building Martial Arts

Every day your child will participate in an exciting, action packed martial arts class. Every week a new character development topic is introduced and taught.


Try A Free Week

For over a decade the K2 specialty martial arts programs have empowered Ottawa children with unshakable confidence, laser focus, self discipline, and real leadership skills.

Our meticulously trained staff will either pick up your child directly at school in a company vehicle or wait for them at a bus drop off zone and walk them back to the Academy.

There is nothing more valuable your child could do between the last bell at school and supper time everyday. They will develop great friendships, create memorable experiences, and build lifelong skills.


About K2

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their goals through exceptional martial arts programs. We offer elite programs ranging from character development for kids, self defence and fitness for the whole family, and martial athlete competitive training since 1999.

K2 is different. We are supremely confident that you love our programs which is why we offer them at no cost, up front, with no strings. Give it a try and discover the K2 experience for yourself.

In addition to a Free week of After School Program we also offer a full 30 days Free in our regular evening classes.


Our appointment schedule fills up fast so act quickly!

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