women martial arts ottawaSensei Natalie Davison will be our special junior guest instructor this coming Saturday morning for the Leadership Training Session (Jan.28th @9:45 Ottawa Dojo)

Sensei Natalie will be conducting an exciting class and give her unique perspective on goal setting and achievement for the juniors.

Sensei Natalie started training when she was 5 years old andĀ earned her black belt when she was just 11 years old and herĀ second degree black belt when she was 13 years old.

At 19 she is currently training to make the Canadian national team for paddling.

2010 record:

– She made the 2010-2011 Ontario Team.

– She came 4th in the 200m, 6th in the 500m and 1000m out of juniors and seniors in Ontario.

– She won the Junior 200m at Eastern Ontario Division.

– She was 8th in combined points at the Junior National Team Trials (missed making the Junior National Team/making the Pan American Games by 1 point).

– She came 3rd at Nationals in Junior women K4.

– She came 7th in the Junior women 500m at Nationals.

– She came 9th in the Junior women 200m at Nationals.

Sensei Natalie will be sharing her unique perspective on high achievement at a young age to the junior class. Don’t miss out!