Nearly 50% of North Americans feel overly nervous and anxious.

Nearly half of the North American adult population would describe themselves as nervous and anxious.  This is an issue that most people and for that matter most Karate schools overlook. Have you ever felt shy or a little nervous about a trying something new? It’s quite normal for people to be even more hesitant the older we get. Maybe the reason we’re reluctant to try new things is because as we get older the collective amount of negative experiences associated with the risk of being adventurous we have gathered weighs us down.

Think about it for a second; everyone has an emotional bank account full of negative credit caused by taking risks, starting with our first attempt at riding a bicycle and earning a skinned knee.

Our first venture on public transportation and missing our stop or taking the wrong route and inadvertently participating in a four-hour tour of the city.  Learning to skate and more likely learning to fall on our backside.

Our first attempt at cooking with disastrous culinary consequences, and a kitchen filled with enough smoke to set off every alarm in the house.  Our first attempt to join a club or after-school activity like drama or football and not making the team because we were too small or too shy. Our first date that we awkwardly bumble our way through, with our tongues tied saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The first day at a new job where we embarrass ourselves by not being able to work the simplest of machines like the archaic, temperamental photocopier that has to be nudged just so, in order to perform, and no one bothers to tell you. The list goes on and on, and as we get older many of us have accumulated so many negative experiences associated with risk that it paralyzes our progress and personal development. Oh I know, there’s the natural “Daredevils” out there, that are always on the move, jumping from one thrill to the next, or the “Midas” people who seem to have been born with a lucky horseshoe up there and everything seems to always work out just so perfectly for them.  Those Daredevils and Midas people are few and far between.  The vast majority of people are held back to some degree by the fears and insecurities they’ve developed through all the negative learning experiences accumulated.  That’s why so many adults never try new activities like martial arts and who can blame them? These sports are naturally geared toward risk takers like the daredevils and most martial art schools are just fine with that. In fact they often only highlight their top students and most skilled competitors not realizing that the average person isn’t like that.

Here at K2 Martial Arts we understand the challenges that regular people face. We know it’s difficult as an adult to take a risk and try a new activity like Karate or Kung-Fu. We specialize in introducing people to Martial Arts in a very friendly, non-stressful way. We know how to take people by the hand and guide them through the initial hurdles regarding learning to take those risks. We also understand that it’s essential to help people who’ve been bogged down by their insecurities overcome them and to take back the reins of their lives. If you ever thought about taking martial arts like MMA, BJJ, Judo or Tae Kwon do, but have been too nervous to do so, please set those fears aside and trust us to help you take those steps in a positive and supportive environment.

In this Video you’ll meet Sammi Lu (Ottawa,On), he was initially very shy, but now he’s loving it!