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Martial Arts After School Program’s are extremely valuable and of great benefit to children.  It’s interesting to hear a child’s perspective on their experience with K2 Martial Arts After School program in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Olivia was kind enough to share her thoughts and experiences on the program in the following note to her aftercare instructor.A child's perspective on aftercare

Olivia note to aftercare provider

Transcription of Olivia’s Note:

What I Have Learned at K2 (by Olivia Minor-Jacques) I have learned a lot of things at K2 Martial Arts Ottawa. I have learned about front kicks, roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, jabs, crosses, hooks, backfists, and a lot of self-defense moves. I have fun with Sensei Carolyn and everybody else in this after school care program. Everybody in jiujitsu is so nice and I love how all the instructors care so much about the children. My parents love this program as because:

I get at least 90 minutes of physical activity a day.

We have at least 15 minutes of homework time.

The leaders are far more responsible than the ones at my old after school centre.

Ever since I have arrived at K2 Martial Arts I have been way more confident and I have been less shy around people at school. This program has really helped me a lot. Also , since I have been here I have learned about ‘the seven magic words’:



Your Welcome

Yes Ma’m

No Ma’m

Yes Sir

No Sir

These words teach you to be polite to people. Also, I know that there is three things that you need to have in jiujitsu class:




What I love about this program is that it is not just a Martial Arts class, but it is also a place to play around, build self confidence, hang out with my friends, etc…

Before I went here(K2 Martial Arts After School Care Program Ottawa), I used to sit on the couch and watch T.V as soon as I went home. But now, this program has encouraged me to go outside, get some exercise and to stop watching so much T.V

I have learned so many different things at K2 Martial Arts and me and Scarlet love this program because it’s FUN, EXCITING, and HELPFUL!

Scarlet, Sensei Carolyn, & Olivia

Scarlet, Sensei Carolyn, & Olivia