Building an Academic Champion!

Getting off on the right foot is critical for children to help them realize a successful school experience.  At K2 Martial Arts we understand that academic achievement is an essential part of every child’s overall success.  We believe  that children who do well in sports like Martial Arts including Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, and Tae kwon do, should be able to transcribe the discipline and focus developed in the Martial Arts to every aspect of their lives, especially academically.  Unfortunately many sports and clubs don’t put the necessary attention and emphasis on how these activities relate to academics.  Here at K2 Martial Arts, we have developed proven methods to help children increase their ability to focus.  We have systems and structures in place to help build in children, a senses of self-discipline an instill in them a sense of personal responsibility.  These systems and methods have been so successful that we have witnessed first hand tremendous results within our school.  Our current students have enjoyed and increase in academic performance and achievement directly linked to our programs an curriculum.   It’s time for us to share these astonishing results with our community.  We are hosting a BACK TO SCHOOL workshop to help children increase focus and develop the necessary self-discipline to take on the new school year and become a scholastic CHAMPION’s!  We realize that there is a balance to life, a sort of  ‘Ying Yang’ , hard work meets radical fun, component to life.  That’s why we are offering a FREE workshop to help All children learn how to be academic stars.  This specialize workshop will be headed off with our World Famous PANCAKE breakfast and followed by an interactive class designed to develop a winning ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ attitude.   We’ll be opening our doors Saturday September 22nd and 9 am to all who feel they can benefit from this amazing workshop.  Pancakes will be served and incredible class on developing focus and self-discipline will be taught, and children will leave richer for the experience.  If you have any questions or you would like to register please call 613 725 5577 or email martialartsottawa@gmail.com.


Let’s make this the best year yet for our children.