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Thank You! – A Message From Renshi Aksell

As 2014 is wrapping up I thought I should share an update on the last couple months which have been an absolute whirlwind.

First I want to say welcome to the hundreds of new students that have joined K2 in the last few weeks – you are in for some exciting times in 2015!

I have been busy flying back and forth between east and west coasts learning, sharing and working on many exciting new developments for the K2 schools.

Renshi Alain is bouncing between Louisiana and Thailand as the filming of his big Hollywood role has just begun.

As I am writing this renshi Scott is still on his China tour where we have just contracted factories to produce some custom gear and apparel for K2.

Renshi Chris just returned from coaching a California competition series where Delphie won several tournaments including the BJJ World Championships at purple belt. (All of this is just the last few weeks…)

In 2014 we grew to 4 full time academies and a half dozen part time affiliate programs. There are nearly 50 K2 classes running every single day in the Ottawa area!

This weekend will be the largest black belt test we have ever had in our 15 year history with 20+ candidates and we are closing out 2014 with 2 amazing celebrity seminars – UFC star Tyron Woolley on November 29th, and BJJ grandmaster Carlos Machado on December 6th.

All of this to say – thank you. Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience with some inevitable growing pains. We appreciate all of the K2 students (including NX of course) and all of the K2 families and friends and we are very proud of all of your accomplishments.

2014 was by far the most successful year we have ever had by every possible measurement. The great news is that 2015 is on track to be our most exciting year yet.

More growth and opportunities, new killer programs, new events, several huge name celebrities already booked, an incredible new sponsorship program for athletes, a point system for students to earn wild rewards, a huge list of outrageous prizes including several full vacation packages, and so much more.

In fact our list of announcements is getting so big for the new year that we are actually putting together a release schedule to not overwhelm everyone.

There has never been a better time to be part of K2 and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.


The Ultimate Ottawa MMA Training Camp

We wanted to close 2014 with a bang and we are putting on an amazing 2 part training event with UFC Superstar Tyron Woodley, and BJJ Master Carlos Machado.

Tyron will start things off with an explosive and dynamic striking session followed by a powerful takedown workshop. In part 2 we move to the ground with Carlos where he will show how to dominate and control an opponent on the ground and cut through their guard AFTER you have gotten the takedown. To wrap up Carlos will show a string of “invisible” submissions to surprise and finish your opponent.

This event will absolutely be sold out. Reserve quickly if you want a spot.

Click Here To Reserve A Spot (FREE)

Ottawa's ultimate MMA training camp

Ottawa’s ultimate MMA training camp

K2/NX Partners With Ottawa Redblacks!

K2 and NX Martial Arts are teaming up with the Ottawa’s Redblacks for some co-promotional events!

For starters we have arranged with the Redblacks for all our locations to be able to provide discounted tickets for members and friends for the Friday October 3rd game against Winnipeg.

[highlight]In addition $5 from each ticket sold at K2 or NX will go to CHEO![/highlight]


We will also be putting on some demonstrations for the half time show – This will be the largest audience for martial arts demos in Ottawa history!

Join us and 24,000 of your friends at TD place October 3rd.

The Ottawa Redblacks team up with K2

The Ottawa Redblacks team up with K2

90 Day Ultimate Fitness Challenge Ottawa

Here is the deal:

It’s simple.

1: We give you the tools, the specialized training, personalized coaching and follow up for the next 90 days.

2: You show up.

3: We celebrate your success story and you get a (VERY GOOD) chance to win a trip for 2 down south to show off your new bod.

There are limited spots call right now to reserve yours!

For more info check out this 4 minute video: VIDEO LINK

Don’t miss out and call NOW!

Ottawa 613-725-5577  Barrhaven 613-843-7878  Orleans 613-841-4111

A students Perspective: on K2 Martial Arts AfterSchool Program

Martial Arts After School Program’s are extremely valuable and of great benefit to children.  It’s interesting to hear a child’s perspective on their experience with K2 Martial Arts After School program in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Olivia was kind enough to share her thoughts and experiences on the program in the following note to her aftercare instructor.A child's perspective on aftercare

Olivia note to aftercare provider

Transcription of Olivia’s Note:

What I Have Learned at K2 (by Olivia Minor-Jacques) I have learned a lot of things at K2 Martial Arts Ottawa. I have learned about front kicks, roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, jabs, crosses, hooks, backfists, and a lot of self-defense moves. I have fun with Sensei Carolyn and everybody else in this after school care program. Everybody in jiujitsu is so nice and I love how all the instructors care so much about the children. My parents love this program as because:

I get at least 90 minutes of physical activity a day.

We have at least 15 minutes of homework time.

The leaders are far more responsible than the ones at my old after school centre.

Ever since I have arrived at K2 Martial Arts I have been way more confident and I have been less shy around people at school. This program has really helped me a lot. Also , since I have been here I have learned about ‘the seven magic words’:



Your Welcome

Yes Ma’m

No Ma’m

Yes Sir

No Sir

These words teach you to be polite to people. Also, I know that there is three things that you need to have in jiujitsu class:




What I love about this program is that it is not just a Martial Arts class, but it is also a place to play around, build self confidence, hang out with my friends, etc…

Before I went here(K2 Martial Arts After School Care Program Ottawa), I used to sit on the couch and watch T.V as soon as I went home. But now, this program has encouraged me to go outside, get some exercise and to stop watching so much T.V

I have learned so many different things at K2 Martial Arts and me and Scarlet love this program because it’s FUN, EXCITING, and HELPFUL!

Scarlet, Sensei Carolyn, & Olivia

Scarlet, Sensei Carolyn, & Olivia



Ottawa Mom grateful their child had bully prevention training

bullied-children_1 A mother of a K2 Martial Arts student, Kelly Freisen, was so proud of her son Joshua who used the confrontation avoidance and anti bullying techniques taught by his K2 Martial Arts instructor.  Little Joshua had a run in with another child who tried to bully him while at Cosmic Adventures.   Joshua was not only able to deflect and defend himself against the bullying behaviour for his own welfare, he was also able to use the tools learnt at K2 Martial Arts to protect his friends as well.

“So proud of our son last for standing up and defending himself from two other kids who were displaying aggressive behaviour at Cosmic. Instinct took over and he remembered everything Sensi Mark taught him. Joshua even stopped one of the boys from repeatedly attacking his friends. So glad we registered him in this class.”

– Kelly Friesen

This types of situations are all too common nowadays.   One of our primary goals at K2 Martial is to help children learn to deal with instances in a very calm and decisive manner.  Our Martial Arts curriculum has anti bullying techniques embedded within in it, in hopes that our students will never have to use it, but also the confidence that they will be well prepared if the need arises.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 12.25.52 PM

Iron Man 3

We are giving away IRON MAN 3 Tickets!!

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We will be drawing the first lucky winner this Thursday Night!

Martial Arts Ottawa Iron Man 3



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