Women performing martial artsMartial arts training is definitely not a seasonal activity. At its best its a way of life that can supercharge everything else in your life.

However if you  happen to have fallen off the wagon and missed a few (or a lot) of classes this summer, here are  some tips to get you back on track and in the zone.

  1. Show up. Just getting going is usually the biggest hurdle. Just like the first time you stepped foot in the dojo it can feel like a big task just to get back to class after an absence. The best thing to do is to not delay and just take action. Do it now. All the reasons you might conjure about why you will start next week and not this week are just excuses that can be dispelled with action.
  2. Set up a regular schedule. Once you got yourself to class a few times, anchor your training times in your schedule (no less than twice a week). The benefits of martial training are immense. Don’t cheat yourself by treating it like anything other then a key priority.
  3. Reset your goals. Taking the time to clearly define some goals – and ideally writing them down – is an essential activity that is a key factor in ensuring long term success. We can all get through some short term action steps, but its when the challenges come up (and they always do) that well defined goals pull you through.

We look forward to seeing you in action in the coming days. Just get step 1 out of the way and everything else will be easy.