“Simply start eating less and you’ll lose fat.”

The truth is that your metabolism is stimulated by nutrients, not just the amount of calories you intake. When you go on a crash diet and drastically reduce caloric intake it slams the brakes on  your metabolism. Your body simply is not getting the all the essential nutrients it needs: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, omega-3s, etc.  If you just start eating less, the only thing you’ll actually lose in any real quantity is muscle mass. This process demolishes your metabolism and you end up fatter after the diet is over and you start eating normally again. The term “yoyo diet” was coined from the rapid weight loss and subsequent greater fat gain experienced in most weight loss plans. Sound familiar?

Solution: Replace low-quality high sugar foods such as bread, pasta, and rice with nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, green vegetables, and fish.  Eat enough proteins and make sure your caloric intake matches your level of physical activity.