Kids receive amazing benefits from karate lessons at K2 martial arts.

By Scott FitzPatrick

I often get asked by friends for advice on choosing a martial arts school for their children or themselves.

Most often they are seeking advice as to what style or system is best ( e.g. Karate vs Tae kwon Do Vs Jiu-Jitsu Vs Kung Fu Vs Judo) or how much should I pay.¬† I’ve always found it a little difficult to express how the style, system, or cost of a particular school should not necessarily be the most important factor in your decision making process.

The most critical element of a great school are the people within it .

This Video will explain better than I ever could….


About Tom Callos:

I had been a distant subscriber to Tom Callos’ teachings and philosophies for many years prior to my first meeting with him in 2007 at a International Summit of Martial arts Instructors in Orlando Florida. Since which I have studied his works in great detail and have applied them to my own teaching practices.