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Adult Martial Arts

Discover The 4 Keys That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals In An Exciting And Empowering Way.

1. K2 Martial Arts Will Help You Develop The Champion Mind Set.

Our programs are designed to be positive and inspirational. The confidence gained from pushing yourself and conquering clear and measurable goals will translate to every aspect of your life. The self discipline, perseverance, and new found courage, achieved by conquering new challenges will help you melt away stress and acquire a powerful new focus.

2. You Will Learn Real Self Defense.

K2 Martial Arts gives you the tools to effectively deal with all 3 phases of combat. (Most martial arts systems deal with one or two at best.) [highlight] You will develop complete and well rounded self defense skills to give you the confidence to deal with any situation.[/highlight]   Knowing you have the skills and strategies to handle a violent situation and have the ability to protect yourself or your loved ones brings a peace of mind that is simply un-matched.

3. You Will Be Stronger, Leaner, And Your Energy Will Explode.

Expect major changes in how you look and feel. Each explosive movement engages your entire body giving you a total workout every class. You will of course get great core conditioning, build functional strength, become vastly more flexible, and supercharge your metabolism. The reality is that most fitness training will fail you because it quickly becomes dull and mundane. Martial arts training becomes a lifestyle. You never feel you are coming in for a workout, it just happens by default as a by-product of an activity you can get passionate about. No more mind-numbing sessions at the gym, or having to motivate or guilt yourself into action.


“Over the past two years, I’ve lost 40 lbs., and I’ve gained so much in terms of increased energy and confidence. I’ve taken part in a wealth of new experiences, did many things I never thought I could and, more importantly, would never have the courage to attempt before!” Jonathan Kovacs – Ottawa “I find that I am stronger, more fit. I have discovered the ability to push my body further and further everyday. I am breaking through a level of training I never thought I could accomplish.” Steve Perron – Ottawa

4. Most of All, K2 Martial Arts Is Safe And Fun!

Safety is first and foremost in our schools. You will learn martial arts skills with professional instructors that can gauge your personal progress and push you to your limit without the risk of injury. This also leads to the ability to train more consistently without the routine set backs experienced in most other martial arts and sports. Of course, this accelerates your results and your success, helping you to make fast progress and to not worry about other parts of your life being negatively impacted by a careless injury. Our class structure and training regimen is fast paced, action packed, and fun. Although you will be continually challenged, the classes are dynamic and keep you motivated.


We have met new friends and really improved our level of fitness. It has been a positive program for the whole family with caring and enthusiastic instructors.” Blair Macdonald – Ottawa “Its a great way to relieve stress. It is improving my endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, and coordination – and – its really fun to learn!” Luc Gagne – Gatineau



Here is what you get:

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  • FREE LESSONS ($195.00 value.) We are offering you one private lesson, and 30 days – for FREE at the School (with no strings attached.) During these lessons you will have an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate our program and we will have an opportunity to answer any and all questions that you may have.

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  • FREE Consultation With One Of The Chief Instructors: Before or during the introductory program we will meet one on one to discuss your needs and goals.

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  • FREE Martial Arts Uniform: ($50.00 Value) You will receive an official uniform that is yours to keep – no charge.


We are giving you $245.00 worth of services and products for FREE just to check us out. That’s how confident we are in our program. Now you have to take action and see for yourself.

          We have also decided to add an “over the top” guarantee for anyone who takes advantage of this limited time trial offer. In addition to our no risk free offer, we are so confident that you will absolutely love our program that if after your 30 day free trial ends you decide you wish to become a member we want to give you our Better Than Money Back Guarantee. [highlight]Try our program for a full 60 days and if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will give you a full refund of any payments made.[/highlight] This in itself is more than most martial arts schools would be prepared to offer, but in addition to no financial risk we want to hold ourselves to a much higher standard and if you are unsatisfied with our programs we will compensate you for the time you took to investigate our school. We will actually buy you a full month of classes at another martial arts school! As you can imagine this is pretty much unheard of in our industry. We want to make sure it is clear we mean to prove to you we absolutely offer the best training experience anywhere, and there is virtually no risk on your part if we don’t deliver on our promises. Click the button above now to take advantage of the amazing free trial package before we close it down. We look forward to meeting you in person soon.