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Your Child Will Build Unshakable Self Confidence And The Relentless Self-Discipline To Achieve Their Full Potential!

The K2 Martial Arts Children Program is much more than just kicking, punching and self defence.

Your child will learn important life and leadership skills, how to focus for maximum achievement, and build the unshakable confidence and self discipline required to reach their full potential.

They will learn how to set goals and acquire the perseverance to achieve them because we have crafted a sophisticated reward system that systematically encourages and motivates children to aspire to excellence.

We have spent decades developing a unique program that fuses sport, self defense, exercise, leadership skills and character development into one exhilarating activity. The amazing part is that they love it! Our classes are fun, exciting and make learning a great activity, rather than a chore. We are able to provide what no one else can – Traditional values in an irresistible package kids love.

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There is virtually nothing else your child can participate in that will bring all these elements together.

Here is just a sample of what your child will experience at K2 Martial Arts…

✅ Your child will develop self-confidence and self-esteem by achieving their individual goals… From the first lesson he will start to learn to view life’s obstacles as challenges to be conquered.

✅ Watch in amazement as your child starts to show more discipline, and self-control at home, with siblings and family members. 

✅ Your child will learn team work by participating and succeeding with the help of their new friends at the dojo

✅ You’ll be shocked and delighted when you see your child being able to intently focus on doing schoolwork, chores, and listening to YOU. 

✅ You’ll watch your child develop physical strength, agility, balance and control which will carry over into every area of their life. (if your child is involved in any other sports, martial arts is hands down the best way to “cross-train” to increase their physical abilities … and put them at an advantage over the other kids)

✅ Your child will become more respectful, not only at home with you but also with other adults she meets in public. (Everyone will be amazed at what a respectful child you have!)

✅ Your child’s memory will improve and her learning ability will increase too!

✅ You’ll watch your child make new friends and fit into new social circles easier than ever before as their new found confidence and self esteem makes being social EASY (this will affect every area of their life as they grow older, they’ll be able to easily advance in school, work and social groups)

✅ Watch your child’s grades go up… and… stay up! Our special martial arts training gives your child the discipline needed to study, complete homework and organize their time more wisely—and these skills make success a habit, not a chore! A recent study has shown that 63% of children who earn a black belt go on to become college graduates.

✅ Your child will start to act more responsibly, not blaming others, following rules and taking responsibility for her actions…

✅ Martial Arts is an incredible way to get in shape – Your child will be active the entire time getting a great workout but of course there is never any pressure for him to do anything he can’t. 

What K2 Parents Have To Say…

My son, Zane and I have established a strong sense of camaraderie around our training. This has become a special time for us. Zane is clearly more focused and is learning new concepts like self-discipline and personal responsibility.

Ronald White-Jones


…we are so pleased with his progress, we can’t wait to get his younger sister started. 

Chantal Evans


Leo definitely has a lot more confidence. He is not as shy speaking in front of the class, and his work habits doing chores or homework have greatly improved. He is grasping the concept of self-discipline and how that pertains to other aspects of his life.

Lohnes Family


Mary has definitely gained confidence and strength since she started going to the Dojo. She now has a place to call her own where she has made friends and feels comfortable being herself.

Cashman Family


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