Discover Why K2 Is The Most Dynamic MMA Training Experience Available In Ottawa.


Whether you wish to train just for fun, or intend to compete, you will experience world class technical instruction, superior conditioning, and a unique progression system designed to accelerate your learning curve dramatically.

K2 MMA is the first and only structured and systematized Mixed Martial Arts program in Ottawa. You will experience the excitement of MMA training in a safe and professional way.


The 5 Key Component That Make K2 MMA The Premier Training System


Total Physical Conditioning

Combat athletes have traditionally been the fittest people in history. From the wrestlers of ancient Greece, to modern day martial arts legends, maximum fitness has been a matter of survival. Excess pounds slow you down and are a major liability, lack of flexibility means greatly reduced combat options, and running out of fuel results in certain defeat. Martial prowess is defined by becoming a highly functional physical specimen.
You will develop the functional strength of much heavier men. The power to weight ratio you will gain from grappling just cannot be matched by simply “working out”. The Speed, coordination, explosive power, and reflexes developed by Kickboxing will give you an edge in any other sport or activity.
In addition the K2 Training Method supercharges the conditioning benefits of combat training by adding cutting edge conditioning and training strategies to your classes.
“I find that I am stronger, more fit. I have discovered the ability to push my body further and further everyday. I am breaking through a level of training I never thought I could accomplish.” Steve Perron

A Real Progression System

Direction-less talent is a sure recipe for mediocrity. What makes K2 MMA unique is that you are not just learning a smorgasbord of random martial art techniques as is so often the case when the heading “MMA” is attached. K2 offers a specialized program that caters to beginners and martial art veterans alike. The seamless progression of striking, takedown, and grappling skills starts to transform you into a complete athlete from day one.
The K2 curriculum has been expertly crafted to systematically  help you progress and advance with clear direction. If you are a brand new beginner, this eliminates the frustration and discouragement often experienced initially and helps you progress at an accelerated pace.


World Class Expertise

We have spent decades traveling all over the world studying, training, and compiling a wealth of knowledge to be able to deliver the most comprehensive training system available.
Our head striking coach is 23 time world champion and kickboxing legend Jean Yves “The Iceman” Theriault. The K2 head grappling trainer is world renowned Carlos Machado – 8th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
In addition our instructor team is constantly training with the top UFC fighters and trainers in the world to be able to bring you cutting edge expertise in every class.


Safe and Fun

Sadly, some academies are ripe with “tough guy” attitudes and ego clashes where individual students matter very little unless they are among the top competitors. This often leads to a survival of the toughest atmosphere and many injuries. K2 is an equal opportunity provider. Everyone regardless of ability or experience is shown respect, the utmost care, and will receive the top instruction available.
The truth is if you are not enjoying yourself, your progress will stall. If are continually getting injured, not only will that impede your training but also every other activity in your life. K2 MMA classes are not only safe but provide an empowering positive environment that will make you look forward to every session.
K2 classes are fast paced, technically rich, exhilarating, and most importantly safe. The program is designed to take you step by step through all the technical phases of sport combat.


Simply “Mixing” Martial Arts Is A Recipe For Wasting Your Time.

Typically, the modern MMA competitor and enthusiast will be forced to cross train numerous disciplines to be able to become well versed in the many different phases of modern sport combat. Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and various other stand up striking styles are studied. Then you have to be concerned with takedowns, clinch fighting and throws, which require training in Wrestling, Judo and other takedown specialties. Then the all important ground fighting phase has to be studied extensively with Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, and other ground grappling styles.
You are then left with the daunting task of filtering, editing, and testing each individual style for the things that will and will not work in MMA competition. For example, Muay Thai provides some great striking tools, but the high upright stance, and the many “traditional” techniques are completely useless in MMA. These techniques are an integral part of training as a Muay Thai practitioner, but need to be un-learned for MMA, which equals a lot of wasted time.
Most martial arts use a Gi (uniform) and the grips and many techniques one can use with clothing on disappear altogether in MMA fighting. Again many things need to be discarded and modified in order to create effective techniques.
Furthermore, the fight strategies learned in one martial art also often completely contradict the ones in another. This creates confusion and an enormous amount of time un-learning and re-adapting one’s style. Simply cross training in a couple disciplines does not provide you with MMA combat knowledge.
The K2 Program was created to take all the beneficial and competition proven techniques from all these disciplines and completely ignore the rest. The training system was then carefully engineered to provide you with balanced “growth” in all areas simultaneously. For example, the seamless transitions from punching, to a sprawl, followed by a neck clinch with knee strikes into a takedown and ground submission, take skills from 5 different disciplines. K2 MMA lets you develop those skills coherently from the start – in the same class – which translates to FAST progression and zero wasted time.


We would like to make it possible for you to see, first hand, and at our expense, exactly how we make good on all these promises. We have put together a risk free trial package to make easy for you to find out:


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FREE Consultation With One Of The Chief Instructors: Before or during the introductory program we will meet one on one to discuss your needs and goals.

FREE  Custom T shirt: ($25.00 Value) You will receive a starter uniform that is yours to keep – no charge.

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[highlight]Try our program for a full 60 days and if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will give you a full refund of any payments made.[/highlight] This in itself is more than most martial arts schools would be prepared to offer, but in addition to no financial risk we want to hold ourselves to a much higher standard and if you are unsatisfied with our programs we will compensate you for the time you took to investigate our school. We will actually buy you a full month of classes at another martial arts school!

As you can imagine this is pretty much unheard of in our industry. We want to make sure it is clear we mean to prove to you we absolutely offer the best training experience anywhere, and there is virtually no risk on your part if we don’t deliver on our promises.