Jesse Molyneux

Many people choose K2 Martial Arts for a variety of reasons, and give the school and team raving reviews about our programs.  We greatly appreciate the positive reviews especially when they are so life changing, like it was for Jesse Molyneux.  His success story is not uncommon and we have had many students relay similar success stories.

We really appreciate that Jesse took the time to write us about his journey with K2 Martial Arts.

“Thanks a Lot to an amazing Team at Barrhaven K2 Martial Art’s, When I first started Training I was at 297lb’s my heaviest, hardly no energy way out of Shape lol, but they Made me apart of The Team and Trained for a Year total taking MMA, The were very flexible also when I moved and was in the middle of a lot, let me come back months later..Trust me Work out’s are harder then they Look,but was up for a challenge I Changed my lifestyle right around, Living Healthier, Running, doing weights and going to classes twice a week, mind you it was Hard at first but I kept it up, and Felt Great doing it, Looked forward to Each class because I got the Encouragement from everyone at the Dojo. Made a lot of new Friends also I’m now Finally at 220lbs ruffly and I went from my Heaviest being at a 46inch waist, NOW to a 36inch and they fit loosely, It was a struggle for sure, I got nothing to Hide saying all this of course because Hard work pays off, I ran two 10km run’s, Changed my life right around, now Trying to stay fit is a new lifestyle, Very active, I still Run 10km a lot, also do a lot of biking, still weights, If I didn’t Move back home and was still close, I’d still be training at this Dojo, but distance is a Problem.. and I took so long to write this Because I wanted to wait until I reached my Goal, So anyone out there with Goal’s anything is possible, you just got to have the right mind set and make it happen. I reached my Goal you can Reach your’s Too!”

-Jesse Molyneux


Reviews like this make everyday a great day at K2 Martial Arts!