K2 represents the perseverance, a quality fundamental to success in life and Martial Arts.  Earning your BlackBelt is akin to climbing a great mountain.  K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth K2 is known as the Savage Mountain due to the difficulty of ascent, and has never been climbed in winter.  The key to successfully climbing K2 is perseverance.  Perseverance is the ability to keep trying, to keep pushing, to keep working hard, even when it seems like nothing will work, this attitude is exactly what leads us to success.  This attitude of never quitting is one of the important lessons taught through martial arts classes.  Too often children and young people are ready to give up when difficulties arise.  They need to be reminded that avoiding problems and challenges only keep them from achieving their potential.  In martial arts classes, this is most easily seen when students are struggling with board breaking (or any challenging technique).  It is very easy for students to get frustrated and discouraged if they don’t break the board on their first few tries.  However K2 instructors always exhibit patience, help keep the students focused, and continue to encourage the student.  Eventually, the student succeeds, and gains a sense of accomplishment.  If they quit, it is more difficult to accomplish the goal next time, often it is perseverance that makes the difference between succeeding and failing.


Definition:  Steady persistence in a course of action, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.