“I over did it this weekend with the appetizer’s and wine so I’ll come in tomorrow for an extra hard workout.”  “I’ll just keep doing crunches because they seem to work for me.”  “I don’t have enough time today so I’ll make it up next time”

We often hear quotes just like these from members who, despite their best of intentions, are sabotaging their fitness with bad (and yes, common!) workout “Faux Pas’s”.


Don’t make the same mistakes!  Here are three of the most common workout mistakes people make and how you can avoid doing the same:

1. Thinking more is better.

Many of us workout too much. By completing workout after workout without allowing for recovery, your body never gets a chance to reboot and your workouts start to suffer in intensity as the week goes on, which leads to overtraining and lacking results. After as little as three consistent weeks without a break, burn out, staleness, and symptoms of overtraining will appear, leading to decreased results from your efforts, according to a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.  Instead, work out three to five days a week. Give yourself at least one complete rest day.  Work out less, recover, and get results.

2. Staying in your comfort zone.

We need to push our limits by consistently striving to punch harder and kick higher.   We encourage members to try more difficult maneuvers and skills.  We also switch up the style and content of our class structure to take you out of your regular comfort zone. At K2 Martial Arts we elevate your training by scaling the sessions between core fundamentals, intermediate drills, and advance skill building.  This means our members are consistently encouraged to work beyond their regular comfort zone.

3. Skipping a workout due to lack of time.

I think everyone has fallen victim to time constraints at one point or another.  Life can be hectic and challenging at the best of times.  We teach our members to be adaptable and practical when building their workout regime.  If you can’t make it to your regularly scheduled session go to plan B.  Plan B may be one of our home workout recommendations, or a brisk power walk around the neighborhood.  Of course it’s not Ideal, however it keeps the habitual nature that we need to keep a consistent workout regime.