How often do you tell your child to clean their room and they ignore it? How about when you ask them if their homework assignment is finished and they tell you “YES” but it’s not done? It’s a daily battle about responsibilities that their supposed to do that get on your last nerve, and I’m sure the list goes on and on.

The relationship you have with your child is unlike ANY relationship you’ve ever had with ANYONE. Let’s be honest, if you don’t get along with your friends, you find better friends. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and they don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, then you find a new person. And YES, sadly to say, sometimes even husbands and wives come and go. But, your CHILD will always be there. You’re stuck with them for the rest of your life!!!

People always say having children is unlike any other feeling. Words can’t express what they mean to their parents. All the parents I’ve ever spoken with say they wouldn’t change it for the WORLD! But, I also understand having children is the most profound sense of responsibility that any parent can ever have. There’s a connection between a parent and a child that goes beyond any explanation. As Martial Arts Instructors we understand your child is very precious to you and you want the very best for them.

As students train to achieve Black Belt Excellence at K2 Martial Arts, they go through many Ups and Downs. We teach to our students “Achieving Black Belt is just like the real life issues that your parents go through every day. You have your good moments, and tough challenges.” Through this Yin and Yang relationship, our Instructors develop a unique bond with your child. In our Martial Arts school there’s students with different color belts that represent their experience and commitment levels of training. Students closer to Black Belt have closer relationships with Instructors versus students just starting. It’s a relationship that takes time, energy, commitment, and loyalty, but in the end develops a unique bond.

Once that connection is made with our Instructors, the last thing your child wants to do is disappoint them. So, when your child does something wrong and goes against the values you teach at home and you say “WHAT WOULD YOUR KARATE INSTRUCTOR SAY” or “I’M TELLING YOUR KARATE INSTRUCTOR”, it gives you tremendous power and puts you in the drivers seat immediately. The last thing you want to tell your child is “I’m taking you out of Karate classes” or “I’m not bringing you to Karate classes today.” You do not want to disconnect your child from our school and the Instructors; it takes away the bond and all the hard work your child has achieved in martial arts. I don’t believe Martial Arts is a privilege, I believe it’s a necessity!

When your child misbehaves, try saying “That’s not what Karate teaches you” or “I’m telling your Karate Instructor.” Parents are always viewed by their children as the “bad Mommy & Daddy” when they get disciplined, but using the “Karate Instructor” approach takes away that energy and directs it onto US! Whenever your child is in a dilemma and making poor decisions, try supporting them by reinforcing the values of martial arts and the STUDENT CREED that K2 Martial Arts instills in all students. Making your child think about the values they learn in martial arts relates to the relationship they have with the Instructors and puts them the unique thought process of listening to YOU.

If this article sparks any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak your K2 Martial Arts Instructors.